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Destinations and Shipping fees:

* Belgium and The Netherlands  € 5.-
* EU+ countries  € 6,50
* US, AUS, JAP and many other
global destinations  € 9.50 

Orders over  € 28.-  free shipping
to EU+ destinations
Orders over  € 45.-  free shipping
to all destinations 


1 cleat  € 17.80 + shipping.
2 cleats  € 28.40  free shipping to EU+.
4 cleats  €46.60  free shipping to all destinations.

Any combination of shroud sizes allowed.



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EU countries
+ Switzerland + UK + Norway 

The EU countries are: 
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia,
Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia,
Finland, France, Germany, Greece,
Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania,
Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands,
Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia,
Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.