Tidy up your stays!

The next generation shroud cleat.

Available for  6, 7, 8, 10, 12 mm.  shrouds.

When you fly multiple signal or club flags,
your flag halyard becomes a rather messy
bunch on a conventional shroud cleat.
Our small button cleat
however, slides along
the stay to follow the varying length of your
halyard and keeps it always tidily belayed.


* No messy fluttering flag halyards.

The neat way to tie off
your spreader flag halyard.

No chafing damage to sails.

Small and sleek 
compared to conventional shroud cleats.

* Easy installation.  * Amazingly simple.



1 cleat € 17,80
2 cleats € 28,40
4 cleats € 46,60


Five versions:

D6 is also suitable for 5 mm. wire.

International patents pending